Happy Monday! A lovely spring morning here in Chicago, though the frost was a little unwelcome.

Here we have a little wedge of sycamore wood making an amusing but elegant accessory for your desk (we'll have a short article about the wood in the coming weeks). This little piece first began while rummaging through the pile of offcut woods in the shop and wondering what to do with them. It's such a shame to waste lovely wood so we always try and find a use for it. This piece was almost the right shape already and at 2 inches thick, it was too good to waste. The curved clock surface coming from the round of the turned wood blank it came from. A couple of neat cuts on the band saw and a lot of sanding to make it perfectly smooth and it was almost finished. Then it needed a recess for the clock face. That was drilled out flat bottomed with a forstner drill bit (we'll have an article on those later as well). The clock movement itself is actually a repurposed (unused) fashion watch with the straps removed and fits perfectly in the drilled recess, held in place with some velcro pieces. To get to the battery, we added a hole through the wood to the bottom surface (you can't see it) so you can push the movement out. Even though the numbers arent arranged in a meaningful way, it does keep good time and just like a watch, the battery should last quite a while before you need to change it. We had a few of these fun fashion watches but this is the only one we made into a clock. You can see some of the others were made into stylish leather necklaces