The American Sycamore tree (or Planatus occidentalis in Latin) is a hardwood species native to North America amongst other places. And the Latin scholars will be able to deduce that this is a kind of plane tree. Hence it some areas its often know as the American Plane Tree. The trees themselves are quite common - not endangered - and can grow to over 120 ft in height while the trunk can be over 6 ft in diameter. The trunk on the very largest trees is often hollow. In fact a publication from 1891 describes a settler in 1744 living inside the hollow trunk of a tree! It's not often found in woodworking shops, but is quite often found in city green spaces - the perfect shade tree to lay under on a warm summer afternoon. The bark can grow incredibly thick over time and can have a specked or mottled appearance especially on older trees. The wood itself can be a little tricky to work with due to the type of fine grain which can be prone to tearing, which is the last thing you want on your fine piece of woodcraft. In appearance it can sometimes be similar to maple especially the lighter varieties, But just like maple it comes in all kinds of shades and depending on how the wood was cut at the lumber yard the grain can take on all kinds of different appearances. We have some thats quite dark, almost reddish in color.